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Our exclusive FiberLex
Cases are
up to 30-40% lighter than standard flight cases. More..


How can customized value added packaging keep your customers smiling? More..


Case Studies: How a Federal Government employee made his daily security checks run a little bit smoother. More..


Your US Dollar is worth 50% more! Find out how Canada-US exchange rates and duty free trade can save you money hassle free! More..


  ATA Flight Cases? What it means and how not to get stung by false advertising and misleading claims. More..


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Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2J 3T2

Try out our new Storm Cases!! Tough, Rugged, and Lightweight. Dent-Resistant, Shatter-Resistant, Virtually Unbreakable. More..


You might want to take a second look at this case! Our new N-Cases are built for ultimate strength and style. More...


Check out Big Deal's new Hardwood Modular Cases... in 3D even! More..
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Big Deal Custom Cases: Your first choice for a Custom Case, Road Case, Wood Case, FiberLex Case, Shipping & Travel Case, Custom Packaging and Custom Millwork. From computer cases to wardrobe cases to cases for scientific equipment or cases for military applications. We make a strong case for the long haul. Guaranteed. Explore our virtual showroom for information on: shipping case, shipping container, shipping box, flight case, computer case, tool case, briefcase, custom cases, pelican case, rack mount, rack mount case, laptop case, and virtually any other case related topic you can think of. Enjoy!

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